Gui Ping Zheng

Before starting at Pierce Family Wellness, I was highly stressed trying to balance my school work load, my health, all while trying to manage my scoliosis. By utilizing the ELDOA method as the basis for my home training program and manual therapy treatments at Pierce Family Wellness, I have had a drastic improvement not only in the curvature of my scoliosis, but as well as my emotional expressions, because I finally found a method that works and allows me to be in control of my own healing. Pierce Family Wellness differs from my previous therapies in that they address the brain to make structural changes allowing me to maintain my progress. If you have struggled with issues stemming from scoliosis, Pierce Family Wellness and the ELDOA method will help you gain control of your health too!

Michelle Marr

Before joining Pierce Family Wellness, I was comfortable with being occasionally active, but limited by an old shoulder injury. Emotionally however, I was frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t where I could be physically, so I think I avoided activity as a result.  Since starting at Pierce Family Wellness, I have seen my shoulder strength and stability greatly improve, and with it, my desire to be more active. I am no longer content with the complacency of inactivity and injury, and Pierce Family Wellness helps hold me accountable to reaching my goals. Pierce Family Wellness is unique because they treat each person as an individual. They cater all exercises and goals to the person, rather than having a generic fitness plan for everyone. TJ’s knowledge about the human body is also unique, and it helps to make the workouts to be exactly what your body needs. Being in school for physical therapy I would say that there are few trainers as knowledgeable and dedicated as TJ Pierce. TJ is unique in that he is never comfortable with not learning. He is constantly challenging himself and engaging in the literature and research so he can provide the best quality of care. As the industry grows, so does Pierce Family Wellness. If you are considering joining, do not hesitate. Pierce Family wellness is the best way to kick start a life of fitness and vitality, and to maintain it for years!

Jayne Gavlic

When I first came to Pierce Family Wellness I had severe back, knee and foot pain to the point where I could not stand or walk for very long. I had a general lack of flexibility and energy. In just 6 months I am walking faster and longer than ever, and I don’t even think about my back and knee pain anymore! While working with Pierce Family Wellness I learned what was really going on in my body and now have true understanding as to what it takes to create and maintain a healthy, pain free body. I was truly amazed the session we spend performing cupping therapy on my knee. I had numbness in my knee following ACL surgery 17 years ago, in one session I had and to this day still have, full feeling back in my knee! I confidently recommend Pierce Family Wellness to anyone looking to take control of their lives.

Linda R. Mason

“I realized that after joining Pierce Family Wellness, I had some major issues with certain parts of my body that are being corrected. Emotionally I have struggled with work, family matters and personal challenges. I have better posture and a strong spirit. I can defend myself if the need arises. I am physically and emotionally stronger. I am happier mind, body and soul. I am rich in wellness. Awesome! I am always greeted with a happy and sincere smile. I am carefully monitored for good form, making adjustments when needed. I work hard and feel good afterwards. Once a person starts at PFW, you will never leave. It becomes a way of life. The knowledge, experience and training that is passed along is fun, interesting, and is forever changing. I am truly bothered when I am unable to attend my training! I look forward to going and enjoy the relationship with my trainer.” Age: 63 Retired

Elisabeth Marr

have been working out with TJ for over 10 years and I couldn't be happier! TJ's knowledge and understanding and his whole-body approach to fitness, nutrition and health is unparalleled. The environment in his gym is friendly and fun and not in the least intimidating. TJ tailor-fits each workout to how you are feeling on a workout to workout basis while he still keeps your goals and progress in mind. Since he is also a certified massage therapist, he is able to help relieve pain through massage if you need it and gives you exercises and stretches to do at home to help you maximize your improvement. The things I have learned about the body during my time with TJ has had a huge impact on my whole family's health. All 5 of us work out with him and wouldn't give our time up with him for anything. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Andrea Li

I have been working with TJ for six years as he has lead the journey to a better lifestyle. He has been a tremendous influence in navigating the perilous world of fitness information. Never have I seen an industry wrought with so much conjecture that the truth is often buried. TJ is dedicated in uncovering that truth through continuous education. His well researched study of proven techniques designed to maximize the function of the human body and mind insures that his information is accurate as well as cutting edge. TJ's passion for his work is immediately recognizable in his style of training. He is on a crusade to bring the truth of how to live the best life possible to the world even if it is one person at a time.” Jewelry Designer

Rob Lockey

“Organized, knowledgeable, professional are a few of the many terms I would apply to T.J. He always has a smile and the time to say hello to me when we come across each other’s paths. The diversity of his knowledge of clients will help that client achieve their goals.” Owner Optimize Endurance Services

Tim Johnson

When I started seeing TJ at Pierce Family wellness my body was not balanced. Since starting my program I have become more balanced and a result of that has been that my back has strengthened.  I have noticed that my upper thoracic and neck alignment is better. I don’t think you could make a better choice than going with TJ.

Kevin Theroux

"T.J. Pierce is incredibly knowledgeable with respect to human anatomy and function. He understands the complex relationships between different areas of the musculo-skeletal system and can design programs to enhance overall health and well-being.This is not typical personal training; this is true rehabilitative therapy." Theroux Orthodontics

Michelle Walker

Our spiritual, emotional and physical health has always been important to me and my family! This is why we have been clients of Pierce Family Wellness for 11 years! TJ's thoughtful and caring commitment to each of us has made a tremendous difference in our lives! He is the best and I highly recommend him!!

Deborah L. Kinder

“Prior to joining Pierce Family Wellness, I believed I was in pretty good shape. Working with TJ took my workout routine to a higher level. Since starting my program at PFW, I have become stronger, more flexible and my balance and reflexes have improved significantly. My overall experience at PFW has been extremely positive. I enjoy a holistic approach to my workouts, including healthy nutritional recommendation. TJ constantly mixes up the exercises and introduces new skill, so I can honestly say that I am never bored. If you are looking for a challenging and holistic fitness program in a supportive and friendly environment, then PFW is the right place for you! Age: 48 Homemaker

Lynn Burnes

When I first came to Pierce Family Wellness I was in much pain with frequent migraines, dull throbbing in my neck, and periodic shooting pain on both sides of my head. Daily activities were becoming affected by even the smallest movement-I had difficulty washing my hair, going to the grocery store, exercising, and sitting for more than 30 minutes. My experience at PFW was in overcoming pain that was becoming debilitating.  While I still have some, it is SO much less than it was one year ago.  I am able to undertake my daily activities again without planning around my pain. I strongly recommend Pierce Family Wellness as a very positive experience that promotes overall health and specific healing for injuries or weakness.  It is a great gift to give to one's self.

Lori Laurita

When I decided to join Pierce Family wellness physically I was out of shape and overweight. Emotionally I was embarrassed to be in public. Always conscious of how my clothes don’t fit. Since starting my program at Pierce Family Wellness my body is healing itself as it learns how to slow down, enjoy food for its’ nourishment value, and breathe right. Physically my range of motion has increased significantly as well as my strength. I have quickly progressed and have worked through the pain and the changes and I am gaining strength and flexibility. Most health and fitness places stress intense cardio and heavy weights. I am gaining muscle strength without killing myself with weights.  My body is healing from the inside out. I ovulated!! Be prepared for your life to change. The positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

Jodie and Rob Filogomo

We've been using TJ as a personal trainer for about 5 years. His knowledge and expertise has always impressed us as well as his attention to proper form. He includes exercises that help with everyday activities in order to make our bodies healthier. He has helped contribute to Rob's shoulder, knee and back rehabilitation. He is head and shoulders above any other trainers we have used in the past. He strives to keep up to date on the latest exercises, techniques and studies in order to improve our coordination, flexibility and strength. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend TJ to anyone looking for a quality personal trainer who gets results.

Karen McMahon

I came to Pierce Family Wellness looking for relief from debilitating sciatic pain. Within the first month of treatment using the ELDOA method, corrective stretches, manual therapy, and following my home program fervently my sciatic pain was gone! I then revived my next program to address my long standing knee pain. I am happy to say that my knee is consistently improving to the point where I golfed for 54 holes and took my dog for a 15 mile hike! Most recently I completed a week long hike across Europe! If you are looking to get more out of your life, Pierce Family Wellness has the blue prints to get you there!

Chris Dauber

I was very skinny and had no muscle (long and lanky), and thought that muscles meant masculine, and since I had none, I felt less than. It's the most exciting thing in the world to see your body change, grow muscle and become beautiful, as it was meant to be. "Anybody can lift", as TJ told me once,"with or without any athletic ability whatsoever". You will hear nothing but positive statements out of TJ's mouth. Especially when you tell him you can't do it! . I started working out with TJ when I was in my late forties through early fifties, and having lived with HIV infection nearly all my adult life, I wanted to lift to increase muscle mass, fight the effects of wasting and lipodystrophy caused by the HIV or the medications, or both, and of course become the gorgeous hunk all men want to be! In my early fifties, I actually started getting compliments (for the first time ever!) on my body -- for being fit, toned, and even ripped! He's a lifestyle of energy, education and a good common sense approach. Use him to the max as your trainer ... trust me, he is without parallel.

Cathy Stemper

Tj is a miracle worker! I came to him with a frozen shoulder and pinched nerves in my neck which caused shooting pain down my left arm. I had tried everything I could think of before he was recommended to me. I had tried PT with different people, dry needling, chiropractic adjustments, exercise galore, and even PRP (platelet replacement procedure) to help my body to heal itself. Nothing worked. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon, who said I probably needed surgery, but that I could continue to try PT if I wanted to avoid being in one of those shoulder braces that would hold my arm at a right angle from my body. Even after the surgery, he said I would need PT for 3-4 months. I opted to try the PT with Tj, which the surgeon said would only work 50% of the time. It took Tj only 3 months to get me to a 90% range of motion. He gave me very specific exercises and videos to help me get the most out of my workout. I did these diligently at home in between my twice weekly sessions. He has taught me many, many things about my body, and has encouraged me to try various alternative techniques on myself, such as cupping, dry needling, and band work. He has helped me help myself! My shoulder feels awesome, and I am back to tennis and golf. Now we are working on my hips, knees, and feet. I expect great results in these areas too! Tj is truly a miracle worker!

Dave Marr

I have been a TJ client for nearly 9 years. I am blessed to have been able to work out with TJ 3 times a week, every week, for 9 years. So obviously I see value. And his value is absolutely clear. TJ's understanding of the human body is amazing. He has helped me over the years with my main love - golf, but also has helped me navigate all the injuries that a 45-52 year old guy collects over the years. With TJ's guidance, not only have I maintained, but I've actually gotten stronger in most ways. I'm physically younger today than when I was 40. But one might be able to find that in another trainer elsewhere. I doubt it, but maybe. But it would be pretty hard to find a more passionate, caring, focused, purposeful and encouraging guy anywhere. I want to be as persuasive to you, the reader, as i possibly can because TJ Pierce is the real deal. This is not a paid endorsement.

Ben Seidlen

When I first came to Pierce Family Wellness I was struggling with healing from an ankle surgery due to a Lacrosse injury. I was quite frustrated with the physical therapy I had received. The physical therapist essentially gave me some balance exercises and sent me home. At Pierce Family Wellness, I received an in-depth evaluation and treatment program that got me back on the field faster than I ever expected. After healing with the help of Pierce Family Wellness, we went on to win the state championship in lacrosse! If you are looking to take your athletic ability to the next level, while avoiding future injuries, Pierce Family Wellness is the place for you!

Sara Bardill

“I was in a fairly good place, but needed better direction for my workouts. I’ve had excellent results. I’m more fit, have better posture and better flexibility. I’ve also learned a great deal more about nutrition. An excellent learning experience, plus being LOTS of fun. I think that everyone will benefit from working the programs. The workouts changes, this is no opportunity for mental or physical boredom.” Age: 60 Voice Coach

Debbie Morgan

Before I decided to join Pierce Family Wellness, I really wasn’t seeing or feeling any changes. I wasn’t holding my chiropractic adjustments or my massage therapist was always needing to work on the same areas. I was becoming frustrated and looking for some different options. Since starting at Pierce Family Wellness the works outs have been challenging but TJ always keeps them fun. I have learned to do exercises correctly which you find is a lot more beneficial. No matter what challenges or issues I have TJ is always willing to work with me to overcome them. TJ is always very supportive and keeps me motivated even when it would be easy to just give up. With TJ you begin with an assessment before any program is ever started. You learn proper form and are never allowed to do anything wrong or passed exhaustion. I have worked with trainers that want you to do 20 reps and they really didn’t care how you did them. I have taken classes where the instructor is so busy doing the routine they never see how their class is performing the exercises. TJ is always watching to make sure your form is still there or he makes you stop. I recommend people to come to Pierce Family Wellness because there are so many options available. You can have a home program designed for you, which you still have an assessment and you can follow online. You can do a class with a couple of friends or join an ongoing class. You can do one on one workouts and address personal needs at the same time. PFW is also an excellent option if you are not working out because of an injury they have all kinds of programs to help you work through it. I would recommend PFW if you are trying to avoid injuries a program can be designed for your needs. You can work out as little or as much as you have time for. I cannot begin to tell you how supportive and helpful TJ has been to me and getting me through all my personal health issues. He keeps me motivated and never lets me back down from my beliefs. He always listens and gives me great advice and ideas. He not only teaches but lives a holistic lifestyle.

Taylor Dermody

“I had heard about TJ from several trusted people but honestly was hesitant to try another “Care Provider.” No one seemed to understand what was going on with my body. My previous experiences at that time left me discouraged and hopeless. I was in constant pain and it seemed like constantly injuring this and that. It was an endless battle. The 10 years I had spent dancing were proving how hard it was on my body.  

Everything changed after starting to work with TJ. For the first time in 5 years I started moving forward and the injuries stopped. My body gained strength again and my discouragement disappeared.  Between the knowledge, training, intuition, and care that TJ provides,, I started improving. I consider his care to be “wholeness care” where he is able to see and tend to a multitude of areas not just one. TJ has broken the mold on care providers for me and I am beyond grateful!”


Brian Graff

Before I joined Pierce Family Wellness, I was at an all time physical and emotional low. I had just had a back surgery at the age of 23, and was about to have another because of an extruded disc. This injury forced me to experience considerable nerve pain, lack of motion, and caused me to be bedridden on and off for 2 years. My once active lifestyle didn't exist, and neither did the body I used to have, nor my confidence. But most of all, I was beginning to resign myself to the idea that I would never be able to get any of that back, and that I would be forced to have surgery after surgery for the rest of my life, none of which would have a lasting effect. From the moment I started at Pierce Family Wellness, my life began to turn around. Even in my debilitated state, Tj worked with me to keep me moving and kept my spirits up. After my second surgery, TJ made sure to work with me to correct the numerous weaknesses that I had in my body, as well as my lack of flexibility. Since then, I have gotten stronger, more flexible, more coordinated, and I've improved my posture. But most importantly, TJ has given me the program, as well as the advice to not only keep me out of the operating room, but to keep me from visiting a doctor, or even taking pain medication for my back. Pierce Family Wellness differs from my previous experience with the health and fitness industry in that it's actually focused on physical health, and not muscular gains or just looking good. Everything that we do is functional and makes my body stronger, more flexible, and more balanced. Once you start to focus on health, your body will improve naturally. The ELDOA method has been a great and challenging way for me to explore my body's flexibility, as well as the muscles that I have been ignoring. However, the biggest area it has affected is my posture. While I have only been doing ELDOA for the past few months, I have noticed a significant improvement in my posture, and alignment, while my knowledge for my body's position and weaknesses has greatly increased. Pierce Family Wellness has taken me through a crippling back injury, as well as many other back, shoulder, and elbow strains. TJ is great at allowing me to continue to exercise in a way that not only accommodates my injuries, but rehabs them, so that when he's done, they are stronger than before they were injured.

Scott Beasley

I was very fortunate to learn about TJ and his methods shortly following a knee injury later requiring surgery. Prior to injury I considered myself in very good condition. The trauma of facing an extended and inactive recovery period was almost worse than the prospects of surgery. Even with a bum knee, I didn't expect that TJ could produce the level of exercise I was used to. I was dead wrong. While meticulously worked around my injury, TJ kicked my rear end time and time again. His methods showed me what true conditioning is all about and how it should complement all of my activities. This training was also a huge compliment to my prescribed physical therapy and overall recovery. His thoughts on nutrition are equally as groundbreaking and effective. TJ is a great person, always positive and motivational, and a true student of his profession. If you want to take your health and fitness to the next level, TJ will get you there with a sweaty smile on your face.